About Us

About Us

New Zealand Owned and Operated Since Establishment in 2008

Our Vision

To create and embrace a co-operative view of our industry by delivering the best possible outcomes through sustainable experiences, education and a desire to improve lives through financial management, understanding and freedom.

Our Mission

To provide flexible solutions to all who we interact with so that they believe we are listening to their needs, addressing their concerns and delivering on their expectations.

This is achieved by accepting accountability in all forms of the work we accept, recommend and deliver, ensuring we communicate clearly and effectively in an empathetic way.

By delivering on this, we are assured that our employees, clients, customers and business partners see us as an effective, transparent and engaged enterprise.

Our Values

All of our values start with “We” as we embrace an internal team culture and collaborative approach with clients, customers and partners:

  • Are here for you – Active listening ensures we can understand the situation before evaluating and recommending solutions to solve challenges
  • Stand behind what we do – Enabling transparency which demonstrates honesty and accountability
  • Have each others back – We are one team with common goals and purposes that demands respect for one another in all forms, accepting diversity and promoting equality
  • Enjoy celebrating – The nature of our business can prove challenging at times so when we have an opportunity to celebrate with employees, clients and customers, we embrace it
  • Want you to feel involved – Regardless of how you interact with us, we want you to feel informed.  If you don’t, let us know so we can attempt to understand your unique situation
  • Want to improve lives – Deep down, we have an internal drive to learn, educate, teach and guide others to improve their lives and situations; this helps to promote change

Debt collection, document service, credit reports and advice.

Credit Recoveries Limited was established by business owners who were disappointed with the ineffective methods used within the industry.

So with businesses in mind, we launched a debt collection company that focuses on collecting debts in the most pro-active and efficient way possible. Using actual debt collectors and not outsourcing to a call centre, Credit Recoveries Limited has produced dramatic results for a wide range of clients.

With us, the commission is only charged on the debt collected, therefore the risk to you is minimal. Simply, if we cannot collect your debt, there is no commission charged to you. Another reason why so many businesses choose Credit Recoveries Limited is that in many instances our commission can be recovered from your debtor when they pay the account in full. This is dependent on your Terms of Trade and it is best you consult with us prior to loading a debtor, to ensure you can pass this cost on.

Read more about our range of debt collection services.

Our debt collection services include document service, credit reporting and credit advice. Please read about our collection process and privacy policy, email us or call on 0800 227 435 to discuss how we can increase your debt collection rate.