With the current Covid-19 pandemic we understand there will be a lot of people who are unable to make debt repayments. We’re here to help and want to work with all of our customers through this difficult period.

For those customers that are struggling financially and finding it difficult to make repayments, please contact us immediately.

We offer all customers the option to make a hardship application, especially in current circumstances with the Covid-19 pandemic.

The best thing to do is to send us an email and let us know about your situation. We can then run through all of your options and if you want to make a Hardship Application, you can do so by following the below guidelines.

To apply for hardship please send us an email titled Hardship Application’ with the following information.

· Your full name and current physical address.

· Your current phone number and email address.

· How much you can afford to pay at present and how frequently you can pay.

· Brief description of Hardship cause. E.g. loss of employment, illness, family breakdown etc.

We may request a copy of your drivers licence, recent bank statements, medical certificate, employment termination notice or other documentation to support your application. Depending upon your circumstances we may require you to attend a Budget Advisory Service at our cost to assess your future financial needs.

We will endeavour to respond within 10 business days either accepting or declining your application for hardship relief. 

Credit Recoveries Limited nor your original credit provider is under any obligation to accept your Hardship Application if we in our sole discretion believe that your application does not meet the Hardship criteria as provided for by legislation under the CCCFA.

Useful budgeting information:


Citizens Advice Bureau (cab.org.nz)